.Drive your business with the power of data

We are a Business Intelligence agency. We use state-of-the-art technology to transform your data into business insights.


.We are experts in BI technology
and an official distributor.

We supply Tableau and Alteryx related licences and services. We are able to accomplish almost anything, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, whatever your needs.


Tableau is a tool for data analytics and visualisation. It can integrate any data source, with the ability to prepare them also.

It uses intuitive drag and drop controls and AI components in such a way as to ensure that they are comprehensible even for non-IT sector users.

Working with the tools allows the use of companywide dashboards, as well as ad hoc analyses, to answer key business questions.

Manažerský dashboard je způsob jak umožnit analýzu dat přehledně a interaktivně.

• Tažením označte oblast na mapě

• Kliknutím použijte filtry

• Přejetím myší nechte zobrazit
druhou vrstvu dat

• Podívejte se na další záložky

Zdarma vyzkoušet


Alteryx is a tool for extraction, preparation, transformation, enrichment and analysis of data using workflows.

Working with Alteryx is very intuitive; its flexible scalability without loss of performance, as well as its coding-free environment, makes it a leader in ETL and data science tools.

The result is automated workflows, whole applications or a direct report.

Our expertise don't only lie in Tableau
and Alteryx.

Have a look at some of our other BI technologies
and our tech stack →

.The goal is the real use of data
for decision-making

Thanks to our technological expertise and understanding of the end customer's requirements, we help to bridge the gap between these two camps.

Architecture of Business Intelligence

We are technology experts. Whether we are building data infrastructure from the very ground up, implementing a single tool or optimising existing architecture - we ensure the data's accuracy as well as its availability to all those who need to work with it.

of a “Data Driven

The majority of companies still have a long way to go in unlocking the full potential of their data. We know that infrastructure alone is not enough. Business users must have both a data mindset as well as basic data-related skills. As such, we supply a training programme which links data specialists with business users and thus makes companies truly data driven.

87% of companies have a low level of Business Intelligence infrastructure and analytical competencies (Gartner)

.What we are able to do

We supply all of our services and products ranging from 1h / 1 licence, all the way through to complex customised projects and thousands of licences. Collaboration is possible both in the form of “time & material” as well as “fixed time, fixed price”.

Distribution of licences

We can advise you when choosing the optimum structure of licences and help with testing. We can supply licences to you and then manage them so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Data architecture

We work as an agency. As such, you can order a project from us, hire somebody from our team of specialists or purchase a service bundle.

Data Driven Company

We supply a programme made up of a system of training, collaboration regarding specific job specifications and continuous support for the data transformation of the company.

.Why collaborate with the Banana.bi team?

We understand the needs of business from top management, all the way through to analysts and users. We know how to implement data culture across the whole company.

Knowledge sharing

We always collaborate with the customer’s team. While intensively working on integration, we pass on as much of our knowledge as possible, in order to ensure that the customer is fully self-sufficient.

Speed and flexibility

Our work represents immediate benefit for the company in the form of proof of concept. We react to client requirements as quickly as possible (e.g. by connecting via slack) and we plan capacity in such a way as to always meet our obligations.


We always act in a fair and straightforward manner and we want our collaboration to make sense. We concentrate on ROI projects and not only technology, but also business users.

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