.BI technology

We deal in both complex technological platforms as well as specialised software for specific use cases.

We choose solutions according to customer requirements and the options open to them. We are however, constantly looking for, and testing, new technologies.


Keboola is a platform which connects data from many sources. It allows for extraction, preparation and transformation of data for further analysis in analytical and visualisation tools. Keboola is a cloud tool which can  easily be connected to your infrastructure and, thanks to this, automate manual work.

Time is Ltd.

Time is Ltd. is a tool for analysis of team productivity. Time is ltd. combines analysis from G-suite, Office365, Slack or Salesforce. It performs analysis on an aggregated level of time spent by people in the company at internal and external meetings, frequency of communication between departments and offers insights to improve the productivity of the whole company.

We are able to work with a wide range of BI technologies